Graphic Dessign For Social &Commercial Advertising
Peter Stylianou
Project 2
The whole concept behind buying local products is to bring the local products and give them a ‘face  lift’ making them more targetable and easier to promote to a new demographic.
Starting off with the logo, I wanted to create something modern and new that would appeal to a new market for the local products. I wanted to create something that would take the products away from the traditional perspective of the local products. The idea of buying and shopping is depicted in the logo with the shopping trolley. The imagery merges itself into the text/name buy local.  I found that this was too much and instead went for a more simplistic approach by making the logo hashtag buy local. By doing this it made the logo more modern and with the time of technology where the whole hashtag trend is becoming popular with facebook and twitter.  Again, by using the hashtag for the logo it makes it easy to see the popularity of the name and if it is trending.
The adverts that correspond with the logo again are taking a traditional product and opening It up to a new  market. Each product is indorsed  by  famous face. The whole idea of having someone holding the product in the adverts help make the product, slogan and logo memorable. The adverts in general are very simplistic and I feel that this In the end is more effective, because people today don’t want to read a lot of information and even with the billboards the simplistic approach is easily visible.  Because the products are made here, locally, the background colours of the adverts relate back to the Cyprus colours and links to the Cyprus flag. I feel like the colours reinforce the idea of selling and advertising a locally made product.  Why I put someone holding the product is that I feel that if a product is seen with someone that people know they will remember the product when in the supermarket and are more willingly to buy that product. Celebrity Endorsements, or Testimonials, are defined by the FTC as an advertising message that consumers are likely to believe reflects the opinions, beliefs, findings, or experience of a party other than the sponsoring advertiser.
The whole idea of modern and simplistic logo and advert made the local products reflect life today. With the slogan be the… creates the feeling that if you buy this you feel as if you are closer to the famous person holding the product. For example: if I buy the honey promoted by mila kunis it indirectly links me to her, almost creating the idea of having a chance with that person.
For the feedback I change the products shown with the logo,to real local products(Cypriot honey,zivania,sweets,haloummi and coffee )
Also I added  shadow on the models,to look even more realistic,as cutouts,and I added honey dripping on mila kunis.
I will disagree on the part of feedback where I had to use Cypriot models,my main concept was to show that even foreigners prefer cypriot products,so why not us too.

*Be the Zivania to my Meze

*Be the Halloumi to my Pitta
*Be the honey to my Loukoumades

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